Sunday, September 18, 2011

From Dollar Doily to Darling Dolly!


Back with another DYI photo tutorial :)  This week I have been obsessed with Dolly Kei Fashion:

Anyway, I have also been wanting a new fall jacket but don't have the money to do that. Hence this DYI blog! I thought I could use some dollar store doilies to dress up an old jacket I already had in the spirit of dolly kei!

Here is what you will need:

1) A coat (long and fitted preferably)
2) 2 Round doilies 8 to 10 inches in diameter and 1 runner doily that will fit around your waist ( you can use several small doilies or lace to get the effect you want. Make it your own!)
3) Needle and thread
4) Paint and foam brush if you don't like the color of your doilies (mine were different colors and I wanted black doilies...dollar store find so it is worth it!)

Here is the coat I am going to use. I got it at goodwill years ago for about $5

I am going to remove the buttons because I will open the collar on this and it will be worn open.

If you want to keep the buttons consider replacing them with mismatched vintage looking ones in the spirit of dolly kei. 

 Here are my doilies which I am going to paint black! I think the black will really stand out over the light color of the jacket.

Thin your paint slightly. I am using a high gloss black (better to use a cheap acrylic) and dab on with foam brush.

After your doilies are painted hang them to dry. You can air dry them or use a blow dryer. 2 notes here:
1) Use hangers you don't mind a bit of paint on.
2) Make sure you put some papers under them as they may drip. 

 Once your pieces are fully dry, it is time to put them on your coat!
 Fold one of your round doilies in half to find the center and cut in half.

Use the bottom seem of the jacket sleeve to line you lace up. I want the thickest part of the doily to be on the top portion of the sleeve. What you find a good placement pin it well this will really help you to keep things from puckering. I also used a plastic cup inside the sleeve to keep it stiff while sewing.

Cut the second doily in half for the collar. Lay two pieces over the existing collar pin and sew in.

Next will be the waist portion with the runner doily. I cut some of mine off to make it more interesting and also to help it fit to the tailored jacket style. This is the tricky part of the project. It is important to line patterns up with seems to ensure a good look and fit. I suggest getting a friend to drape the piece on. If you have a collapsible dress form great! I do not... so my boyfriend was awesome enough to help me with this part though the jacket was a bit girly small for him...thanks sweetie!

After you tack the lace on (don't poke your friend!) remove the jacket and really pin that thing! Then sew it in!

After that you are done and you have a new jacket with a dolly kei flavor :)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New miniatures for etsy!

Hello Everyone!

It has been a crazy last few months! I have not written in a while but I am excited to show my latest Etsy creations. I will be playing catch up and posting new DYI blogs in the next couple weeks! Enjoy the pics!