Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Art of Clothing Design - Anna Sui

Anna Sui is my all time favorite fashion designer!

I am a sucker for layers of color, pattern and textures as well as mixing timeless pieces to make something unique. She has mastered this skill. Her designs mirror bits street fashion as well as an array of  prints and designs that pay homage to the past.

I am always amazed at her ability to come up with new and exciting pieces in each collection! Here are some photos of some of her past designs I adore.

 Here are photos from Anna's 2012 spring collection! Gorgeous use of color and the classic and flattering lines of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Anna plays with waistlines, killer accessories and a bold mix of texture to create well balanced pieces. She also uses nature to ad a special twist with delicate floral prints and unexpected butterflies peeking out on leg wear. I have to admit I have never seen anyone else make the "socks and sandals" thing work so well :) The combinations used marry the shoe and sock as one piece.

 I hope you enjoyed this post. To learn more about Anna Sui visit her site:

It too is fabulous from a design standpoint!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Paul Stanley!

I cannot believe Paul is 60 today! This man has been such an icon for me. He was one of my favorite people when I was only 5 years old.

My grandmother made my a Paul Stanley doll for my 5th birthday 32 years ago. When I opened the gift I hugged it tight with excitement, then upon further examination of the doll I said, "how come there is no hair?" pointing at the chest. Kids... I still love that thing to death and of course still have it!

The Album art here is beautiful and exciting. No wonder I loved them :)

Happy Birthday Paul!

 Now I will leave you with My favorite KISS video! I was made for loving you.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pandy the cat!

Pandy the cat!

I love my cat. We all love our pets. I have always been inspired by animals and especially the ones I am close to. I have had my cat Pandy, for 7 years. I got her from a coworker/friend who could no longer keep her since his son was terribly allergic. She is now 17 and has been a subject of many pieces I have created over the years! I love her dearly! 

The first major creation was a children's book I wrote called Pandy Goes to Town. Below are some of the illustrations form the book 

 I have also made Kawaii Anime T shirt designs based on Pandy

Lolita Pandy and Meers Design
 Pandy on Bass Guitar

 Pandy Ramen Power Design

Lastly, I have also done sculpture as well

Pandy Clothespin Doll

Pandy Day of the Dead

Tiny Pandy Cat available at Etsy :

A little version of her!

I love animal and pet inspired art. I would love to see any you may have.

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