Thursday, April 26, 2012

Table Make Over

Hello All!

I wanted to share a way to re purpose old furniture. This is not really a step by step but simply photos of  my process to inspire you to reuse your items :) 

Here are the photos with brief descriptions.

First I painted the entire table with black gloss rustoleum paint and let it dry completely.
I had a basic design (colorful and some art nouveau influences) in mind but nothing specific. I used inexpensive acrylic paint and just went for it.

Once I got the design in place and it was completely dry I sealed the table with a water based polyurethane. I used 3 coats which I let dry in between each coat.

 Before you consider getting rid of something or spending a fortune on something new and not as well made, think about re purposing something in your home.

 Thanks for reading!