Friday, May 23, 2014

Re-purpose, Beautify, and Organize! Reusing Jars

Hello Everyone,

Here are a few great ways to re-purpose your jars. I do recycle many of my jars but I also reuse them for food storage and I love mason jars for my homemade juices and smoothies! Read on to see other ways I like to use old jars!

Here they sit with labels intact. Sometimes I like to take them off. In that case, I soak the jars in warm soapy water for an hour and take the labels off  for a more polished look. However, I actually like the look of the labels in some instances :)

All clean and sparkly!

One way to use these old jars is for flowers! I love having flowers around all the time. I have lots of roses in my yard as well as a crazy rosemary bush. Rosemary looks great with flowers and smells absolutely amazing. The aroma of roses and rosemary is very soothing. Speaking of rosemary! I also reuse jars for dried spices.

One other thing I love these old jars for is organization! It is so annoying when I am in a rush and can't find what I need. Glass is great for storage because you can easily see what you need, get to it, and go. In this case I have used the jars for toiletry storage in the bathroom. I also use them for organizing craft items.

I hope this entry was helpful. I will be teaching a workshop in LA June, 14th on another way to re-purpose jars in a crafty way. I will keep you posted on the details of this upcoming event!

Thanks for reading!