Sunday, October 20, 2013

Antique Anatomy End Table


During the week saw a DIY post by Mr. Kate. This weekend I decided to make my own table inspired by her original idea.

Below is my version!

What you need for this:

Table, sandpaper, masking tape, mod podge or Aleen's craft glue, paint (I used water based rustoleum in gloss black), polyurethane, burnt sienna acrylic paint (optional), paint brushes (foam are good), and a utility knife

My mom and sister found this little end table at a yard sale for a few dollars. I liked the shape and figured it could just use a little make over.

First of all, I found photos I liked online of old anatomy illustrations and printed them for the top and tore all of the edges.

I actually had to putty some grooves in my table so I would have a flat surface for my photos. Then I sanded the top as well as the entire table since I planned to paint it.

Painting time! I taped off the area where I wanted to place the images.

Once the paint is dry, tape off your painted area. Next put together a basic layout of the photos on the table. I just filled the gaps in with other bits of paper. 

 You are ready to decoupage!

After I was done with laying everything down, I decided I wanted to add some additional "age"and highlight some of the texture by brushing some color in. I used burnt sienna paint diluted into a glaze in some areas and lightly stippled in full strength in other areas. This is totally optional.

Once this is completely dry, seal with polyurethane (water based version). I applied 2 coats.

After fully dry, use the utility knife to trim your edges. Take the tape off and you are finished. Now you have a unique piece for your house!

Thanks for reading!