Sunday, July 19, 2015

Beauty Series: Nature

Though I live in the city, nature has always been my first love. It endures through the cracks of the sidewalks. It perseveres by buckling roads and growing over buildings. It is the most amazing thing I know. I can sit quietly for hours just observing her contently. I am always at home and never judged in nature because that is where I am from; from where we all originate.
As a child I lived in the country across from a field filled with vernal pools, which were alive with frogs, bugs, and mosses; it was all a wonder to me. I watched the stages of a frog’s life; from eggs, to tadpoles and the legs they eventually grew, and then to beautiful little frogs. I remember during the tadpole stage I would stand in the water, nearly up to my knees, and the schools of tadpoles would rush around my feet and legs. It was an amazing feeling.
There was a large oak tree which had branches that reached the ground. It had a large hole in it that used to be a home for honey bees. I would climb it bare foot, up to a place where no one else could go. I’d sit for a while listening to the wind and the birds.
I adored all of the animals. I would look under rocks and old tree limbs on the ground, for snakes, lizards, salamanders, or bugs; they were are so beautiful and fascinating. The neighbor boys thought I was crazy as I would let garden spiders and barn spiders crawl onto my hand. Many people do not find the same beauty in a cockroach as they do in a butterfly, but I do; they are the same to me.

So here is to my home, nature:

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