Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Summer Garden

I wanted to post some photos on my summer garden as well as some of the harvests and a couple dishes I made. It has been so rewarding to plant, care for, and watch everything grow. Above all, to get to eat fresh veggies is absolutely amazing!

Humble beginnings!

Getting bigger

The harvest starts!

Kitty likes to help out too!

Veggies and herbs to pair with pasta


I see taco salad in my future!

 Mint to garnish homemade banana ice cream!

Tomatoes and herbs! Good to use in a raw lunch!

Homemade green juice with fresh dill, tomato, and guacamole on zucchini! Delish!

Yay! Lots of fresh lemonade and juice!

If you have a little land or even a sunny spot where you can grow in pots a garden is worth so much! I highly recommend starting your own food or just some flowers it is so much fun :)

Thanks for reading!