Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Up-Cycled Valentine Cards

How about making a Valentine out of something you already have around the house? This can be a great project to do with kids as well!

Let's have a look-see at what is in the old recycle bin....Hmmmm, you say, looks like a bunch of rubbish to me!

But wait, what is that I see? 

Maybe we can do something with this stuff. Junk mail, catalogs, cereal boxes, old calendars, and magazines can still be used for other things! I especially like to reuse old cards, gift wrap, and boxes! The first card is made of just those things,
a left over gift box that can not be used for a gift anymore and card I goofed from last year.

Here is what you will need in the photo below (Mod Podge and pinking sheers optional )

Steps in photos below.

- Select boxes, cards or wrap you want to use 
- Cut out large heart from a gift box 
- Cut out photos you want to use from cards, other box or gift wrap you have around
- Lay all the pieces out and decide how you want to assemble the card

Once you like the layout you have, go ahead and glue it down.

For this card, I will glue the white heart in the photo below to the opposite side so when you turn the card over,  it says "Happy Valentines Day".

And that is it!

The next card takes a bit more time since it is a mosaic layout. 
All you need is cereal box and junk mail. 
I love this one because it is made of recycle bin stuff but it turns out so beautifully!

- Use any empty cereal box 
- Draw a big heart  and cut it out
- Rip some paper up
- Draw out a design and get gluing!

- Last, you can cover the mosaic work with a coat of mod podge or a thin layer of glue.

For the back, cover the surface with a white or light colored magazine or newsprint sheet that can be written on as shown below.

Now you have a beautiful and unique Valentine to share with someone!

I hope this entry has been useful and inspiring to reusing items that would normally fill your recycle bin or trash.

Thanks for reading!

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