Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Candle Certerpiece

Hello! So, this project was about a step away from a Craft Fail! A blog everyone who crafts should see. Well everyone should check it out whether you are crafty or not :) Here is a link!

Anyway, here is the project. I went to my favorite 99 Cent store to get the supplies store to make this one. 

Here are all the lovely things I found on my trip there!

Here are the things I chose to make my candle center piece. I had paint already but there are places to get cheap paint and brushes often the $ store even has it! You can use many things. I know all stores have different items!

First I want to paint the witches boot. I thought it would look neat if it had a candy corn colored sock!
the first color does not need to be particularly neat. In fact you will notice I am not neat at all on this :) And I use my skirt to blot my brush after I rinse it...Uhg! I need to remember a towel! I have used the old blot your brush on your clothes trick for many years when I for get the blot towel...Not saying you ought to pick up this habit!

Next I add earrings for a cute jewel embellishment. You can use any kind of glue. I like hot glue because it is instant! Other types you will need ample dry time in between.

 Cut some pieces of the wire to make silver vines that match the jewel and blue them to the silk flowers or leaves you have chosen.

Add little skull to flower and vine arrangement with glue

Wire flowers together with boot or other vessel for a cute little Halloween candle centerpiece and you are done!

Hope you have a good time making something unique this Halloween! Please feel free to share anything you have made! I'd love to see it!


  1. Looks great! I love how you did everything from stuff at the dollar store! More!

  2. ICW

    I will have more inexpensive ways to do fun stuff coming up! :) Thanks for reading!