Friday, October 21, 2011

Day of the Dead Make-up

The inspiring work of  Sylvia Ji

Hello!  I wanted to do a Halloween make-up tutorial because painting your face can be a simple way to dress up. It can also be very dramatic on a shoestring budget!

Pull your hair out of the way , wash and moisturize you face prior to putting on your make-up. This step helps make-up go on better and stay nice looking for more hours! Pale your face with a clown white or even a lighter foundation. If you don't have clown white or foundation this step can be skipped altogether.

Bring some of the white down your neck and your chest. I just put a little white highlight to emphasize my collar bones and a couple ribs.

Next brush or pencil in your eye sockets. I went over the top of my brows the followed the natural shape of my socket.

I shadowed the inner socket area with black first to deepen that part of the eye.

Next I am using a drugstore shadow to fill the rest of the socket area in.

Fill in sockets

Next I am putting in some stylized cheek bones. There are many ways and styles to Day of the Dead Make-ups. This is just what I am doing. Make it your own!

I am smudging the underside of the line to create depth.

Just adding in some faint lines underneath for an extra embellishment.

With a liquid eyeliner I add petal shapes around the sockets.

Petals done.

Adding some blush on the apples of my cheeks

With liquid liner define the cheekbone line.

I am doing a stylized lip. It is inside the natural lip line like the 1920s style cupids bow.

Then with liquid liner draw lines from each corner of the mouth and add "teeth" lines

With liner I am drawing a flower on my chin. Again, you can do whatever you want, dots, hearts. There are many ways to add to this look!

I am coloring in my petals. Not being particularly neat. I like a bit of imperfection on this part.

To my neck and chest I add with liner more lines and dots to bring the look together.

Painting in the nose.

                                    A traditional heart and web design for forehead

I found these for a couple bucks a piece at the drugstore. They work great!

I am using them to add some sparkle. You can also use face or nail jewels and lash glue :)

The face is done!

Below I added some drama with a wig, some plastic spiders and dollar store headbands!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Amanda, Your make-up came out amazing! I love this tutorial. I am going to bookmark it for next year! Your welcome to post a link about anything you create or a tutorial in the forum for others to see. I would of blogged about it if I saw it sooner. Theresa @
    Going to look around some more. Happy fall to you.

  2. Thanks so much Theresa! I appreciate you reading and your wonderful compliment. I have sent you an email.


  3. That was Great !!! Royal in my book for s tutorial lil' Lady !

  4. That was Great !!! Royal in my book for s tutorial lil' Lady !