Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Build your own battle standards!

Hello There!

Recently my boyfriend and I built battle standards for his band banner. It took a little work but they turned out pretty nice and we were able to use them at the next show! Below are the steps!
You will also need a banner(s) This can be the spendy part. Ivan made his own banner so the only cost was for materials. You can also use sheets, canvas or fabric and stencil your band name on with cardboard and spray paint! These look great as well :)
Sand your PVC pipe so that the paint will stick better!
Put your stands together for painting.
These are the short versions...I painted these first then the extensions.
I did a rough brushed look almost sort of like black wood. Another coat and it would be solid but we liked this look.
Lets see what Ivan is up to...
Measure...I repeat MEASURE before you make your cuts. Thank goodness Ivan is very precise :)
One of the cut panels
Left over vinyl is used to make the tops of the banners. We cut ours so they would have an authentic battle standard look.
Next we sewed them with a regular needle and thread to the banner tops. We tried a glue gun first (didn't work on the vinyl). Let me tell you sewing this was not the easiest thing but it works really well.
Here is our first one! I will skip to the finished part now. Drum roll...
Yay! Here they are. We added thin Bamboo sticks to the bottoms to add some weight and to keep the banners straight. The bamboo sticks are about a dollar at any home and garden store. They are for plants :)
Hope you enjoyed reading this! Thanks :)

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