Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything Old is New Again!

Hello! Recently I was on my way to a show and I was wearing my most comfortable heels as I am not a fan of binding shoes. In any case the top strap broke and I had to change back into my motorcycle boots. I really loved those cute heels but they had definitely seen better days. I decided to give them a make over. This can also be done with any cheap shoe. It is a way to have something cool or unique or even rip off designer styles on a budget! So, without further ado, here are the photos and steps involved.
 Start with some shoes you want to make over. Here is the pair that broke on me!
Here are most of the materials I used. You can really use anything you have around: silk flowers, Elmer's glue, school glitter...
 I start with doing any minor repairs or cleaning before I really begin with any of the decorating.

 Patching up tears before I paint.
Lastly clean up scuffs and any other bits that need touch up with paint or shoe polish. You can even use a sharpie for this.
Use masking tape to section off any part you do not want paint on. You can also use it to mask off designs if you desire. then begin painting.

Now I have my base color down. I will now put down a second base color of red freehand swirls.

You can really stop at any point that you like the look...However, I am going straight over the top with these!
Once base coats are dry, I mix Mod Podge with glitter and start blocking in more shapes with glimmer.

Once these glittery bits have dried I go over the whole section with a thick glitter and Mod Podge mix to seal it and bring the whole design together.
Once that thick layer is dry I move to details and embellishments!

Above: Glued on new elastic straps. Added black ribbon over top (not Pictured) Below: Glued on applique star (glitter added) at each ankle strap.
Ready to go out!
                               Another angle featuring the lovely glitter effects!
Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post and that it inspires you to make something ordinary into something brilliant!

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  1. Amazing idea! I'll send all my old shoes to you and you can work your magic...No?