Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Own Private Tiffany


I am back with a new project idea to share. I have always loved stained glass and tiffany lamps but who can afford that? Very few...
Anyway, I thought of a way to get that tiffany feel on a shoestring budget. It will cost somewhere between $20 to $25 dollars. Not too shabby right?

Here is what you will need:
Cheap lamp this one was $9.99 Big Lots
Pack of multicolor sharpies  $5 to $10 depending on where you get them.
Black acrylic paint and some detail brushes. These are inexpensive ones from Walmart. About $5

Now we are ready to get started on the fun part!
Remove the shade from the lamp and make sure it is clean of any dust and debris.
Draw out your pattern using the black sharpie. I looked at a variety of lamps/stained glass and just went for it. there is no need to be precise on this. A mix of organic and geometric look great together.
When your pattern is complete start coloring your motif.
You can vary the colors in the pieces like real glass can be.
After you have the entire project colored to you liking; you will want to darken and sharpen all your black guides with the acrylic paint. You can skip this if you want but it really gives the look of a stained glass piece.
It is really starting to take shape now!
OK! Now it is time to put this back together and test it out.
Hey! Not too bad. It definitely gives the room a new feel. I hope you enjoyed reading and that your project turns out awesome!


  1. I LOVE this idea! I actually have an old torch lamp that I've been wanting to get rid of forever, but now I'm thinking a new lease on life! =)

    xoxo - Jason

  2. What a good idea. I have one of these plain lamps in my room just waiting to become "Tiffany"!!