Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Inspired by an Old Magazine

When I was a kid in April1983 the new National Geographic came. I had no idea what an impact this issue would have on me. The issue was called: The Fascinating World of Trash. I was so memorized by the artwork of  Larry Fuente that I have the magazine to this day. 

  Inside were photos to be studied for hours and inspiration that has continued to go on.

Some of the photos even had a somewhat disturbing quality...the use of doll heads and arms enmeshed with intricate beading and old jewelry; even a disastrous looking old pair of roller skates made it into the mix.

I guess I have never created anything exactly like what Fuente did. But the fact that he took what others had discarded to make something visually interesting even quite beautiful has had a lasting impression on me. A way to reuse things in a way someone may not have seen before. 

Below is more of Fuente's work to enjoy!

Art Car

Game of Fish

Thanks for reading!

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