Saturday, March 12, 2011

Gay artists I love!

Being a part of music in LA is very exciting. I have been in many projects here and worked with lots of different people.

I love, love, love death metal and just metal in general but damn it is hard to deal with some of the stuff I have heard lately in this particular scene. Last night as one of the bands was playing the singer joked about free blow jobs and we will do anything to sell a shirt. Some of the audience members heckled calling him a faggot and were obviously being hateful and ignorant. I just want to say as a person in a band with several gay members I guess I just forget that people are still this stupid and closed off. 

Below are some of my favorite artists!
Freddie Mercury (Musician)
Rob Halford (Musician)
Joan Jett (Musician)
John Waters (Director)
Divine (Actress)

Below are images of Sounds of Asteroth. I have been working in this project for about 7 years. Please come see us this Thursday at the Echo March 17th 1822 Sunset blvd.Los Angeles, CA for the promise of  fun a show! Our new album The Inventors can be downloaded for free at :

Me, Gabriel, David, Martin, Eugene, Amber, Jason, and Cosmo
Amada, Chris, Gabriel, Martin, Rich, Me, Jason, and Amber

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at the show! :)

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