Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not Grandma's Clothespin Dolls

 I have always loved to make dolls even though I didn't have many growing up. I was a bit of a tomboy. All my stuffed animals were named Jack or Marvin or Melvin. I also liked robots and sci-fi stuff. We didn't have money but my Dad was a carpenter so so there was always scrap wood around. I made crude and heavy wooden robots and painted on buttons. All of them were named Marvin. However, my Grandmother was quite a seamstress and her creations inspired me to make things besides robots. She made many kinds of dolls, clothing, and crafts. She would sell them at bazaars and craft fairs. One particular type of dolls she made were clothespin dolls. They were so beautiful and frilly; they were all dressed up in darling print dresses layered with lace and adorable little hats. Recently I came across a box of these clothespins. They are the old fashioned style which already look like a little person.
I made some a long time ago that were similar to my Grandmother's way, more traditional. I was never quite satisfied with the faces because there was so little room to draw or paint. Recently I started making the dolls again but this time I molded faces from sculpey and baked them up. I am having a great time making the dolls this way. Yes they are definitely weirder than what Grandma made but if she were here I know she would love them! So here are a few...
I love making creepy character faces much more than cute ones....Ok, maybe I am stating the obvious here :)
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