Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Plague Doctor

So, I did this drawing of a plague doctor and ended up using it on the metal band enRot's flyer (I am huge metal fan). It took off from there. The band sorta adopted the idea of the plague doctor as their Eddy (Iron Maiden reference) The guitarist thought it would be cool to have two plague doctors come in ominously and stand at the stage while they performed. His wife and I made masks and costumes for the show. Last night was the first night of the show with the plague doctor concept. The club was small so it was just one doctor on stage.
The original drawing
Enrot Poster Flyer

Next is the process of making this guy come to life. Just so you all know anyone can do a project like this very cheaply! I researched first to come up with patterns for everything. The robe is made of velvet curtains found at goodwill for $4 a panel. The masks are made of wrinkled paper bags and a yard of buckram ($2.99 a yard) Other things used as you can see in the photos are mod podge, hot glue, thread and water to soften the buckram.
Robe fabric
 Finished Robe
Mask day
Mask pattern
Weird pretzel crafting position....

 Finally taking shape!

It's Alive!
Thanks for reading. Happy crafting :)

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  1. Thank you for the pattern. You have a good writing technique. You are good at writing thoughts so just choose a character and write in the first person. Farewell.